Vote for the Best Airport Staff

The World Airport Survey analyses lets travellers rate the standards of the airport experience for airports across the globe. Complete the survey now and tell us which airport has the nicest Airport staff.
1. Which airport has the Best Airport Staff?
2. Why have you selected this as the Best Airport Staff.
3. What is your typical use of this airport?
4. When did you last use this airport?
Please rate the Airport Staff Service at this Airport
1 Star = Poor / 5 Star = Excellent
5. Help Desk Staff
6. Security Screening Staff
7. Immigration Staff
8. Staff Service in Shops
9. Staff service in restaurants & cafés
10. Staff Language Skills
11. Total Staff Friendliness
12. The country where you live?
It is important that you know and understand exactly how we will use the data you submit in this form, and why we ask for this information. Please let us know that you have read the Terms and Conditions and that you're happy to proceed.
13. Your Email (*for survey verification).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Users are allowed to submit one Survey form for each survey subject. By submitting this survey form you confirm that you do not work for or have previously worked for the airport nominated.

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