Link Customers to the Airport Survey

The World Airport Survey survey is managed by Skytrax. There is no cost for an airport to be included in the Survey, with the survey reputation developed through strict adherence to the policy of no entrance fee, subscription or other type of payment from any airport.

Encouraging Customers to vote in the Survey

Airports may encourage Customers to vote in the Survey, on the understanding that no airport can offer customers any form of enticement or incentive to vote. In recent years, many airports have stimulated customer survey voting interest through different means of targeting. These include linking from the airport website, through airport Facebook and related social media and airport promotional banners and stands.

More information about Linking to the Survey

For more information about creating promotion packages to encourage customers to participate in the World Airport Survey, we would request you to contact us through our Feedback Page.

Surveys currently available in English & Spanish

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